Proktologe Enddarmspezialist Chirurg Dr. Florian Wittig München

Dr. Florian Wittig

Owner of the medical practice and specialized in Proctology and Surgery

Dr. Wittig studied medicine 1989-1995 at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU), Munich, gained his specialization in Surgery in 2003 and in Proctology in 2006 (by Bayer. Landesärztekammer).

He worked in Munich, Berlin and 2 years in England and Wales (as senior house officer in general surgery, accident & emergency, ENT).

He also got the  “International Diploma of Moutain Medicine”(Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sportmedizin und Prävention) in 2010

From 2000 to 2004, he worked for the NGO medihimal e.V. ( . He went to the himalaya two times to provide medical care and training to local doctors and traditional tibetan physicians.


Dr. Prof. Waldner

We are pleased that Professor Waldner is supporting us since May 2019 with his many years of experience and expertise.

Professor Waldner was the head of the Department of General, Visceral and Thoracic Surgery at the Klinikum München-Schwabing for the past 23 years.

In 1994 he acquired the main emphasis designation special visceral surgery. He specializes in diagnostics, proctology, gallstone surgery, and surgical treatment of digestive organs.


Prof. Dr. Waldner Proktologe und Chirurg München

Dr. Anne Heiss

Managing Editor, General and Visceral Surgery, Board certified in General and Visceral Surgery

Specialist in general abdominal surgery and in proctology. Dr. Heiss works in the Hospital of Schwabing and in our cabinet.

Her consultation hours are regulary on thursday mornings.


Florian Bayer

Proctology and Visceral Surgery

Mr. Bayer completed his medical and surgical training in Hamburg as well as in Zurich, Switzerland, and graduated in 2018 as a specialist in abdominal surgery. Since then he has concentrated on the conservative and operative therapy of rectal diseases in addition to the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal wall fractures.

In order to further deepen this specialization and in order to acquire the qualification “Additional qualification proctology”, he is supporting our team since November 2019.

Dr. Florian Bayer - Proktologe in der Praxis Dr. Wittig in München