What can we do for your ?

“I treat all patients with gentle care and in the best possible way. I like my patients to be comfortable and relaxed and want to offer the best healing method”

The following notes are intended to help you and let loose any remaining fear or shame before your visit.

In my treatment rooms I respect your trust in me.

Discretion, a pleasant and kind atmosphere, a special fullelectric examination chair and the right tools make it easy for me to offer the most gentle examination.

You are afraid or ashamed?
Familiarize yourself with my proctologic performance, with the team, the subject itself and let us know what worries you. Talk to us. Dr. Florian Wittig, his wife and his team will gladly help and comfort you.

Many pains and problems in the anal area can be cured with conservative methods, such as sclerotherapy, ointment treatments, nutritional counseling, etc. and / or be alleviated.

If an operation is necessary, it can be done at the doctor´s surgery itself or, if stationary, in the trusted open hospital in Munich.